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What is the AÇAI?

The Açaí is a fruit that grows naturally from the palm trees in the Amazon. It belongs to the super-fruit group due to its countless nutrients, which can satisfy every vital need.

I want to buy AÇAI

Happy Blender is the exclusive importer/distributor of Coraçai, in Greece & Cyprus.

You can have your frozen packs delivered to your front door, in less than 40 minutes, via WOLT delivery service or you can stop by our shop and buy them yourself, during opening hours.

For bigger volumes, or if you are in the food service business, email us at contact@happyblender.gr

Not all the açai is the same: Discover CORAÇAI.

Welcome to Coraçai! We are the company specialized in the distribution of premium-quality Açai pulp and Pink Pitaya, both certified organic. We are totally different from our competitors. We import these super-fruits directly from our plantations in America, by only selecting the best quality pulp.


You already know that we are the only company that sells Special Açai 14% grade in Europe.

Hence, If you choose our pulp, you will notice it: better flavor, color and texture than lower-quality pulps. The resulting product is not watery since it has a higher fruit concentration and much less water amount. The Açai bowl with 100gr of our product will have a much better volume and consistency.

The best way to straightforward recognize the quality of any given açaí pulp is by checking out the nutrition facts. The ingredients of the açaí pulp are açaí, water and citric acid.

The only ingredient with calories is the açaí, meaning that the more calories the more fruit it contains.


We surely offer the açaí pulp with guarana featuring the lowest amount of sugar in the market.


Our Organic Pink Pitaya (Dragon Fruit) with seeds is richer in nutrients. Besides, its flavor and color are the most intense in the market.

We import it directly from Nicaragua, which is the only country in the world capable of producing a certified – organic Pink Pitaya of the highest quality It has high antioxidant properties as well as high fibre content and a high vitamin B and C content. It is also a source of iron.